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World Travel & Adventure Trips

Throughout the year, Highland Hiker sponsors several travel adventures around the world. Come join us on one or more of our fun-filled trips into some beautiful & remote areas of the globe.

Whopper King Salmon

Salmo Patagonia

Salmo Patagonia Lodge is located in a unique region of the world, near the colorful town of Coyhaique, Chile. It is situated atop a large mountain cliff adjacent to the Coyhaique National Reserve, a park teeming with beautiful flora and fauna. From its picture windows, you can see the town, the glaciers, the towering Andes and the green valleys of the Simpson and Coyhaique Rivers. On these exclusive waters, you can cast to rising brown or rainbow trout or tease up king, silver, and Atlantic salmon in total seclusion.

Enjoy Alaska's Beauty

Alaska Wilderness Fishing

The Alaska Peninsula’s rugged Pacific coast is one of the most beautiful and pristine places on earth, with its spectacular glaciers, endless fjords, bays, beaches and summertime profusion of lush plants, grasses and brilliant wildflowers. The Peninsula is home to Alaska Wilderness Safari, a fishing and outdoor experience that has long been renowned for fantastic fishing and scenery.

New Zealand's Natural Beauty

Magical New Zealand

In this day of frequent travel, we tend to come back with memories of crowds: lines at entrances, tour buses and more tour buses, the hustle and bustle of everyone seeing and doing the same thing everyone else is seeing and doing. Do yourself a favor and come back with memories of an extraordinary land, a truly unspoiled and totally surprising destination even for ecotourists who think they’ve done it all. The Maori called it Aotearoa; Land of the Long White Cloud. We call it 100% Pure New Zealand.

Oregon's Rogue River

Oregon's Rogue River

Imagine abundant wildlife in the Oregon Rogue River corridor such as beaver, deer, elk, bald eagles, osprey, mallards, cougars and black bears. Being able to walk the trail and look down at those on rafts or to be on a raft looking up at those on the trail. And, you can do both of these, or one or the other. You can walk part of the way each day and join the rafters after lunch, or raft in the morning and walk in the afternoon. Or, for those who are die-hard walkers, you can walk the entire trail. If floating down the river is your thing, you can do the entire trip that way.