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The North FaceŽ Pack Technology

The North Face® Pack Technology

BackSaver Technology
On several new daypack styles, we have patterned the front bottom at an angle to lift the load higher on the user's torso.  This angled front bottom helps to position the load higher on the back, anatomically the best place to locate the weight of a heavy daypack load.  By placing the load in the correct place to begin with, the load of the pack can be carried in a more efficient way.

The North Face BackSaver Technology

The North Face Hydrenalite Back Pack Technology
Hydrenalite™ is an ultra-lightweight, high-density polyester fabric that is inherently wind resistant and has been treated for maximum water repellency. Hydrenalite™ dries quickly, packs easily and is abrasion resistant for the ultimate lightweight training shell.

The North Face Hydrenalite Back Pack Technology


Women's Fit

The North Face Womens Pack Fit Information
All of The North Face women's packs are subjected to extensive women-specific fit tests. These fit tests ensure that hipbelts and shoulder harnesses anatomically confirm to a woman's shape to provide comfort during extended use.

Crestone Pack Technology Story

“The Backpacker’s Backpack”, the Crestone brings loadlugging ability into a well-padded, ergonomically-contoured package geared toward hours and days on and off the trail. A unique hipbelt configuration with two pivot points lets each side rotate independently, enabling subtle, asymmetric body movements on varied terrain. Elsewhere, mesh-covered E-VAP™ foam back and hip padding ensures breathability and on-themove comfort, and a beefy exterior has several stash points, including an easy-to-access large sleeping bag compartment with a ¾-zip door.

E-VAP™ Suspension

The North Face E-VAP Suspension

E-VAP™ suspension features perforated foam back panels which eliminate excess weight and circulate air through airflow channels. These channels, embedded in the perforated foam, provide improved breathability and moisture evaporation, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Terra Pack Technology Story
The North Face® Terra Packs ensure that first-time hikers, campers, and backpackers enjoy a positive outdoor experience. Designed to provide both comfort and durability on the trail, the Terra packs utilize The North Face® adjustable Opti-Fit™ suspension for load-carrying comfort and stability. The North Face® Terra packs deliver powerful features in an affordable package. Of course, all Terra Packs are compatible with the range of available hydration systems.

Flight Series™

Answering the rising demand for fast and light gear, our RD&D team set out to make the most adaptable, packable and lightweight gear for our new Flight Series™. Developed for multisport athletes, the Flight Series™ features ultralight, multi-purpose apparel, equipment and footwear. This athlete-tested performance collection is designed for done-in-a-day and weekend adventures when fast and light packing is paramount.

Nalgene® Hydration Systems
Nalgene® has built an entire line of portable hydration systems around a single good idea: containers that let you experience the taste of their contents, not the flavor of their plastic. Outdoor enthusiasts use Nalgene® products for everything from casual outings to endurance-testing tours and even home storage use. With a reputation for high-quality, taste-free products, Nalgene® hydration systems are the premier choice for use in all of The North Face® hydration packs.

The North Face Nalgene Hydration Systems

TPE Reservoir
Reliably tough and beautifully versatile for the die-hard adventurer.
  • Special TPE polymer is virtually taste-free
  • Strong construction stands up to wear and tear while doing away with annoying crinkly noise
  • One piece seamless tubular design means less chance of leakage or tearing

Big Bore Opening
  • Wide-mouth cap allows hassle-free access to water dispensers and ice cubes
  • 63 mm thread matches the standard for most water purifiers and filtration devices

Reservoir Care
Your new hydration system is made to last. To ensure long life, please follow the care and use instructions.
  • Prior to each use, fill reservoir, tighten cap, then squeeze to ensure that the cap is sealed properly
  • When freezing, fill reservoir no more than 3/4 full
  • To clean, add 1 tsp. baking soda to 1 cup water. Shake, empty and rinse. Then add 1 tsp. lemon or lime juice to 1 cup water. Shake, empty, rinse and dry.


The North Face Quick Connect Hose Quick Connect Hose
Quick connect hose assembly means easy-on, easy-off when you’re swapping out components or filling the bladder (not available on Bullhead).
 The North Face Nalgene Angled Bite Me Valve Angled Bite Me™ Valve
  • Angled design with on/off switch
  • Superior flow rate for easy drinking
  • Leakproof construction keeps water where it needs to be
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Angled design keeps a low profile and provides a better fit
  • Positive shut-off valve allows you to decide when and where your liquids are available

Bite Me™ Valve Use
For maximum flow, bite sheath with front teeth only and draw fluid in. Biting too hard and/or using teeth or molars will reduce flow and may damage or break the valve. The Bite Me™ valve is not intended for use by small children.

Disassembly, Cleaning, and Reassembly for Bite Me™ Valve
Remove bite valve by pushing it off the end of the drink tube. Remove sheath by pushing it off the end of the stem. Clean and sanitize the parts by soaking the sheath and the bite valve in the open position, in a diluted bleach solution. Replace sheath and reassemble by pushing the bite valve fitting into the end of the drink tube until it stops. Wet the sheath, then push it over the stem until you feel it lock into place. To assure proper operating and maximum flow, the dome of the sealing disk should protrude slightly beyond the end of the soft sheath.

Insulated hydration pocket helps to keep your beverage either hot or cold.


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