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Suunto Watches

Suunto Watches

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Suunto Watches
Setting Direction - Suunto History
Suunto was born in 1936 when Tuomas Vohlonen invented the liquid-filled compass. Essential to Finnish troops during World War II - who needed to know where they were in a flat country full of ice, snow and dense forests - it also set the direction Suunto would follow over the next 70 years - MEASUREMENT. With that core competence we are able to replace the need for luck, by giving people more personal control of their environment. Today Suunto is the largest manufacturer of compasses and precision instruments used all around the world for accurate measurement in areas such as forestry, mining, and surveying.
Into the Water and Back onto the Land
By the 60s, divers had figured out that strapping a compass onto your wrist underwater gave you direction. But in the water you need to be able to operate in three dimensions, not just two. So, in the 70s Suunto launched its first dedicated diving instruments, which could calculate depth as well as direction. 
With the 80s came computers, and the new digital world enabled Suunto to develop its first dive computers. These devices calculated water pressure and temperature and provided information on how to conduct a safe dive. Eventually they replaced the need for tables, as well as luck! The dramatic drop in diving accidents is directly related to this innovation and Suunto today is the world leader in this field.
In the 90s Suunto emerged out of the water and back onto land, where it had started. Developments in electrical engineering meant that it was now possible to create a wrist-worn instrument which would give you information on your altitude, weather changes, temperature, time as well as direction - it was called the Suunto Vector.
Health and Recreation

As the decade progressed, heart rate information became available. For the first time, we could tell a hiker what was happening inside his body as well as what was going on in the surrounding environment. Today, hikers, adventurer racers, mountain bikers, soldiers and many others replace luck as they excel, thanks to Suunto.
Going into the new millennium, we have come out of the mountains and can now be found on golf courses, yachts, cities and just about anywhere else people would like to have a little more control over what happens to them in their daily lives. Today we can measure just about anything and give you information directly to your wrist. Acceleration, rotation, position, impact, orientation and speed are all now possible to calculate.

Suunto n3, launched in 2004, provides information directly to your wrist - view your appointments, receive messages and news flashes, know the exact time wherever you are with automatic time zone adjustment. Suunto t6, coming in the spring, will tell you how fit you really are, it will help you plan your training and how much benefit you really get from doing it. It doesn't just tell you your heart rate or calorie consumption; it makes an in-depth analysis of your body's performance by measuring 7 core body functions and provides you with precise results of your training. Olympic athletes, who dedicate all their time, energy and focus - their life in fact - to their sport, do not want to rely on luck when they compete and we don't believe they should have to.
Tuomas Vohlonen would never have been able to imagine where technology was heading, but he understood one fundamental thing that is as true today as it was in 1936. It is always important to know where you are going.
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