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Mulholland Brothers Luggage

Mulholland Brothers Luggage

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Mulholland Brothers Luggage

Mulholland Brothers Family

Touching Mulholland leather is like taking a trip back in time to old California, a nostalgic return to enduring design and hand manufacture. There's continuity in the construction of Mulholland designs that belies their modern-day purposes. Located along the San Francisco Bay, Mulholland deals in rugged leather and sturdy stitching amidst the microchips of Silicon Valley. Long before the computer age, San Francisco was one of the leading centers for tanneries and leather manufacture.
Leather is also a tradition in the Mulholland family. Hugh Mulholland, Jay and Guy's great-great-grandfather, immigrated with his brother William to California from Ireland in the 1870s. In his native country, Hugh had been a harness maker and nurseryman. In the San Francisco Bay Area, he established his own nursery of bonsai trees and continued to craft leather harnesses for close friends.

Hugh passed down his rugged individualism to his son and grandson. His great-grandson, Jack, preserves this spirit. Jack is a trained architect and a former wildcat oilman who has traveled and hunted throughout Africa. Having also worked as a saddle maker at the Rowel Ranch in Castro Valley, California, back in 1949, Jack was schooled in the art of leather design. Through his friendship with Harry Rowel, he learned the intricacies of the leather craft and developed a deep love for this universal material. Unable to find all-leather equipment that met his needs and standards, Jack began constructing his own.
Jay, Jack’s son was working as a cowboy on a ranch in California and his other son Guy was in school studying psychology when their father approached them with the idea of designing and producing their own leather goods. The family agreed that there was a lack of true quality leather sporting goods. They wanted to resurrect the meticulous craftsmanship and style of earlier days. They also feared that if they only designed the goods and left the manufacturing to someone else, the products might fail to meet their standards of quality. Jack’s proposal was too tempting to resist. In 1984, Jay and Guy changed their courses to begin a new adventure.
Their love for the outdoors and strong belief in free enterprise bonded father and sons and supported them through the many challenges they would face. The brothers laced their first fishing rod case by hand in the basement of their home and sold this item to a few select stores in San Francisco. However, Jay and Guy didn't purchase their first sewing machine until 1985. All of their early products were entirely constructed by hand.
In 1986, the brothers moved into their first formal facility: an old blacksmith shop in Northern California. The extra room allowed them to expand their product line to include shooting bags, fly wallets and gun cases. To replicate the century-old styles they loved, Jay and Guy researched old catalogues from the time when craftsmanship was king. They studied Progressive Era designs and stitching patterns and searched for machines that could replicate those looks as well as the quality. Often they had to retrofit antique stitching machines to create the styles they wanted. The beauty of the leather and the designs needed little marketing. Retailers were impressed by the elegance of the bags and the meticulous stitching. They appreciated the studied care with which each bag was designed and constructed.
Having outgrown their second home in 1995, the brothers moved to their present location in San Francisco. A nascent venture back in 1987, Jay and Guy’s field sports company has been transformed into an entire lifestyle offering. Inspired by Hugh Mulholland's entrepreneurial instincts, their love of the outdoors, and their ability to converse with people from all walks of life, Jay and Guy have captured these qualities with their Mulholland Brothers Lifestyle Collection. Their company reflects their family heritage and the tradition of spirited drive that they have maintained in their own lives.
The Hollands hope you find their family story and the Mulholland Lifestyle Collection as exciting and inspiring as they do. Their products are more than a mere collection of accessories; they encourage well-rounded lives and the passionate pursuit of individualism. Mulholland is an American philosophy.


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