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Glen Falls

Glen Falls

Glen Falls is located 2.6 miles south of Highlands. To reach Glen Falls, take Highway 106 south from Highlands and travel 1.6 miles where you will see a sign directing you to turn left. As you turn left, make the right job and head down the gravel road for 1 mile. The road will dead end into the Glen Falls parking area. From here, you can either take the Glen Falls trail or the Chinquapin Mountain Trail.

Glen Falls features a series of beautiful cascades. there are 3 major cascades and several smaller cascades, all of which you can access from the zig-zagging trail. Pay attention which turn on the trail you make as there are several shoot offs from the main trail. From top to bottom, the trail is 1 mile long and descends 700 ft. The hike in is fairly easy since you are dropping down but coming out can be a lot more strenuous.

Glen Falls is located in a forest of hardwoods & pines which help keep the trails nicely shaded from the hot summer sun. From most points on the trail, you can hear the falls which makes for a wonderful hike in and out.

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