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Filson Fabrics
Filson Fabrics

Your barrier against the worst that nature can dish out

For 108 years, serious outdoorsmen have considered Filson the standard for comfort and severe-weather protection. Beginning in 1897, Clinton C. Filson designed his goods for the extreme conditions of the Klondike, based on the experience of the hundreds of gold rush "Stampeders" he outfitted. Since then, Filson has continued to develop unique, all-natural fabrics for every outdoor condition. Whether you're active in drenching rain, brush and briars, or severe cold and snow, Filson makes a natural fabric that will stand up to the worst abuse, and keep functioning for many years -- in some cases for generations.
    Filson Tin Cloth
The toughness of legends -- 100% Cotton Tin Cloth in Oil or Dry Finish.

When customers try to describe just how tough Filson Cotton Tin Cloth is, claims of "it actually saved my life" or "I've worn it for 50 years" aren't uncommon. It earned the name Tin Cloth decades ago when tin was the standard for toughness. Incredibly heavy and rugged, it's still the fabric of choice for maximum protection against rain, wind, brush and abrasion. 12.5 oz. oil Finish Tin Cloth is the most durable, abrasion and wind resistant cloth Filson makes.

To create the Oil Finish, Filson's heavy, densely-woven cotton Tin Cloth is completely soaked in a paraffin-based wax. The highly water repellent finished fabric (12.5 oz. per yard), although very stiff at first, softens with use, gaining character over the years. Not designed for machine washing or dry cleaning. Clean by wiping or brushing only -- gains character with use.

11 oz. Dry Finish Tin Cloth: the same ruggedness with the convenience of machine washability

The same tough 100% cotton Tin Cloth is pre-shrunk, then treated with a durable, water repellent and stain resistant finish. The resulting fabric is slightly lighter weight (11 oz. vs. 12.5 oz. per yard), has excellent breathability, is much softer than Filson's Oil Finish Tin Cloth and machine washable (allow for 2-3% shrinkage). Dry Finish can be reproofed with a water repellent finish as the water repellency diminishes with repeated washings.

Filson's Shelter Cloth
A lighter weight alternative to Filson's
Tin Cloth -- 100% Cotton in Oil or Dry Finish

Shelter Cloth is both softer and more pliable than Filson's Tin Cloth. Yet it's surprisingly strong. Named after military shelter tents, this dense fabric is made of high-quality, two-ply cotton yarns tightly woven in both directions for added strength. Although Filson calls this cloth 'mid weight', many would call it 'heavy-weight'. 8.5 oz. Oil Finish Shelter Cloth: when maximum protection against rain and wind is your top priority

The perfect combination of fabric and finish for the outdoorsman who operates in very wet conditions. Comfortable Shelter Cloth is treated with Filson's famous paraffin-based wax. The result is a garment that is extremely water repellent and wind resistant, requires no break-in period and is comfortable the first time you wear it. Not designed for machine washing or dry cleaning. Like Filson's Oil Finish Tin Cloth, it can be cleaned only by wiping or brushing it off, and gains character with use.

8 oz. Dry Finish Shelter Cloth: protection and durability, plus comfort and flexibility in a machine washable fabric.

Ideal wear for general outdoors, bird hunting and a variety of other sporting activities. Dry Finish Shelter Cloth garments are treated with a durable, water repellent and stain resistant finish. Rugged yet extremely flexible and comfortable, with excellent breathability. Machine washable (allow for 2-3% shrinkage). Dry Finish can be reproofed with a water repellent finish as the water repellency diminishes with repeated washings.
    Filson Cover Cloth
Supple, comfortable, water resistant, dense, lightweight 100% cotton in Oil or Dry Finish

Lightweight, yet strong and durable. Tightly woven of very fine 2-ply yarns, Filson developed Cover Cloth in response to requests for a natural, high performance fabric that is breathable, with superior pliablilty, for a variety of temperature conditions. Filson calls this their "lightweight" fabric, but many would call it "mid-weight."

6 oz. Oil Finish Cover Cloth combines freedom of movement with Filson rain and wind protection

Stout 2-ply yarns are woven into a strong, dense fabric, then completely soaked in our famous paraffin-based Oil Finish wax. The result is superior wind and rain protection for warm conditions or strenuous activity, in a supple fabric of remarkable comfort. Not designed for machine washing or dry cleaning. Clean by wiping or brushing only, gains character with use. 6 oz. Dry Finish Cover Cloth: cool, comfortable protection plus machine washable convenience

This durable 100% cotton fabric is ideal for moderate to very warm conditions. Extremely comfortable and breathable, Filson has added a durable water repellent finish that resists stains, for a highly functional and water-resistant fabric with a wide comfort range. Machine washable (allow for 2-3% shrinkage). Durable water repellent finish can be reproofed as the water repellency diminishes with repeated washings.
    Filson's 100% Virgin Wool
For more than a century, Filson 100% Virgin Wool has been synonymous with the finest rugged outerwear money can buy.

It's not unusual to find Filson wool garments handed down from generation to generation, treasured as much by the second owner as the first. That's because, even in this age of synthetic wonder fabrics, wool continues to be the fabric of choice for serious outdoorsmen. Naturally water repellent, wool will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. So, it retains body warmth even when very wet.
    Filson Mackinaw wool
And there is no finer wool than Filson 100% virgin Mackinaw wool. Filson wool comes from a small band of hardy sheep in a special region of the U.S. Their wool has thick sturdy fibers for rugged durability and warmth. Woven to our unique specifications, it is proven to provide greater resilience, more natural insulating qualities and superior water repellency. Whether you're caught in a snowstorm or perspiring heavily from exertion, you can rely on Filson Mackinaw wool to help control your body temperature and avoid hypothermia. Dry Clean. In coats, vests, pants, bibs, hats and blankets and as an insulating layer in our Highlander Boot.
    Filson Merino worsted Wool
In sweaters, long-johns, socks, shirts, gloves and caps So smooth, so comfortable, you won't believe it's wool. Exceptionally smooth and supple, Filson starts with long, fine, Merino fibers for strength and resilience. Then they give that yarn a very tight, "worsted" twist for a firm finish that feels good against your skin and wears well.

The technical fabric that's 100% natural
Long Filson Merino fibers are 3 1/2 times finer than a human hair. Their length and ultra fineness result in itch-free smoothness plus remarkable strength. Wool, nature's miracle fiber, also provides these technical benefits: breathability, wicking, warmth even when wet, and temperature regulation in a wide range of weather conditions. The result: unparalleled performance and comfort.

Hand wash, air dry flat:
  • Fingerless Merino Wool Gloves
  • Merino Wool Gloves
Hand wash cold, dry flat:
  • Waterfowl Sweater
  • Guide Sweater Vest
  • Outfitter Sweater
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, line dry:
  • Long johns
Machine wash/line dry:
  • Merino Wool Socks
Dry Clean only:
  • Guide Sweater
  • Weekender Sweater
  • Outdoorsman Sweater
  • Sportsman Sweater
  • Original Wool Shirt, Classic Collar
  • Original Wool Shirt, Button-down Collar
  • Merino Wool Cuff Cap
  • Merino Wool Skull Cap
    Why they say "100% Virgin Wool" never "100% Wool"
You may have noticed Filson always say "100% Virgin Wool", never just "100% Wool".

The difference matters when you're trying to keep warm.

"Virgin" wool comes straight from the sheep, so its fibers are as long as they can possibly be. Long fibers give Filson wool its natural strength, warmth, and water absorbing capacity.

But "non-Virgin" wool has been previously processed in ways that shorten or weaken the fibers. For example, much non-Virgin wool comes from factory trimmings, whose fibers are shorter from having been cut. Manufacturers who use such wool (Filson don't) often add nylon to their fabric, to reinforce the weakened wool fibers. But nylon lacks warmth and can't absorb water -- it subtracts the very qualities you count on in Filson wool.

That's why Filson wool coats, sweaters and long-johns are always "100% Virgin Wool", with no nylon added, ever.
    Filson Moleskin
Soft -- yet can break a chilly wind, is easy to care for and is very durable

Moleskin is a very comfortable, tightly-woven cotton fabric in use for almost 200 years. The luxurious feel of Filson's 100% Cotton Moleskin garments makes them a pleasure to wear, yet they're plenty durable enough to keep up with your other Filson clothing. Machine washable, allow 3-5% shrinkage.

It's speculated that cotton Moleskin was named for its likeness to the ultra-soft fur of a mole. It has long been popular in Britain and other cooler climates because it can block a chilly wind, is easy to care for and is very durable. They started using Filson Moleskin for collars on our Shelter Cloth jackets, and it was so well liked that began offering it in appropriate weights for vests, pants and shirts. Machine wash/line dry, allow for 3-5% shrinkage. Dry cleaning recommended for best performance.
Filson Brushed Twill
Lives up to the Filson motto "Might As Well Have the Best"

Used in their
Alaskan Guide Shirt, its quality and weight easily surpass anything else available in this type of shirt. Beefy 100% cotton (7 oz. per square yard), its dense weave creates durability, and helps block the wind. Yet the brushed surface makes this fabric soft to the touch, and very comfortable, for a garment you'll reach for every day. Machine wash/line dry, allow 2-3% shrinkage.
    Filson Safari Cloth
Keeps you both cool and protected in very warm conditions

Cool, comfortable and lightweight, Filson's 100% cotton Safari Cloth is made with long-staple fibers for maximum durability. Two-ply yarns woven in both the warp and weft create a strong, long-wearing fabric that breathes like only cotton can -- keeping you both cool and protected in very warm conditions. Light (only 6 oz. per yard) and breathable, Filson's Safari Cloth is perfect for safari, travel and general warm weather use. It's treated with a water repellent, stain resistant finish. Machine wash/line dry. Allow for 2-3% shrinkage.
    Filson Feather Cloth
The lightest weight cloth Filson makes for the hottest conditions

Incredibly lightweight comfort and sun protection in the heat. Used to make our most popular lightweight shirt, which Filson believes is the lightest outdoor shirt available today. 100% Cotton, 3 ounce. Machine wash/line dry, allow 2-3% shrinkage.
    Filson Rugged Twill and Bridle Leather
The toughest luggage you'll every own

Nearly indestructible, Filson luggage is built to withstand continual use on the move under the most arduous conditions.

Our Rugged Twill is an industrial weight 22 oz. per yard. Densely woven for superior strength and long lasting toughness. Before assembly, this fabric is soaked in Filson's special paraffin based wax, making it highly water repellent. The fittings are just as tough -- brass zippers and padlocks to resist corrosion in fresh or salt water and full-grain vegetable-tanned bridle leather from the strongest part of the hide.

Meticulously made at their factory in Seattle, Washington, the quality of Filson luggage is unsurpassed. Each piece is made to last a lifetime. Clean by wiping or brushing only--gains character with use.

Our duffle bag will carry a 1968 1500 c.c. Single Port Volkswagen engine. Will yours?

How tough is a Filson Rugged Twill bag? To find out, they loaded a 1968 1500 c.c. Single Port Volkswagen engine in their Extra Large Duffle, and hoisted the bag and engine six feet in the air. The duffle and the engine both survived. Safety warning: this Volkswagen engine weighs 230 pounds. If you choose to try this experiment at home (which we don't recommend), please use appropriate safety equipment to avoid risk of injury (to yourself -- you won't hurt the bag.)
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