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Alaska Wilderness Fishing

The Alaska Peninsula’s rugged Pacific coast is one of the most beautiful and pristine places on earth, with its spectacular glaciers, endless fjords, bays, beaches and summertime profusion of lush plants, grasses and brilliant wildflowers.Family of Seals on the Rocks

The Peninsula is home to Alaska Wilderness Safari, a fishing and outdoor experience that has long been renowned for fantastic fishing and scenery. Guests here will experience the true treasures of the Peninsula: unnamed rivers teeming with strong-fighting silver, chum and pink salmon, sea-run dolly varden, and arctic char; enchanting wildlife like sea otters, moose, caribou, brown bears and bald eagles; and the camaraderie of like-minded friends enjoying the beauty and abundance of nature’s finest.

Great Alaskan Catch

The Fishing

Fishing is located just a few minutes walk or catamaran ride from one of the camp’s best rivers, where chrome-bright silver, chum and pink salmon leave their ocean habitat and begin their spawning migration into the different fresh water estuary streams. These are among the strongest fighting fish on earth and 25% larger than their northern and southeastern Alaskan cousins. In addition to the great salmon fishing, sea-run dolly varden and acrobatic arctic char up to ten pounds abound in the upper reaches of these rivers and streams, feeding voraciously on salmon eggs and smolt and providing exciting light tackle fishing action.

One of the delightful aspects of fishing the Alaska Peninsula is the relatively small size and absolute clarity of the rivers and streams. You will spend most of your time wading or sightcasting from the bank — fishing deep pools, riffles, cut banks and long stretches of “holding water.” It’s common to catch 30-40-50 fish a day, either spinfishing, baitcasting, or flycasting.Meeting With The Fox

Other Outdoor Activities

There are lots of things to do here besides fishing. Guests may opt to take a day-long hike over the hills and along the streams — along the way viewing and photographing a variety of wildlife, colorful wildflowers and beautiful scenery. You may stop a while and picnic by a waterfall or bathe in a thermal spring — nature’s hot tub.

The camp is situated just about a mile from the beach, and it’s entertaining to walk along and see lava flows, mussel-encrusted rocks, tidal pools filled with unusual critters like sea urchins, limpids and starfish, and there are surprising numbers of interesting articles washed up on the beach. Whale vertebrae, walrus tusks, Japanese glass fishing buoys, plant fossils and other treasures have been found over the years. And the beach is a good place to catch a glimpse of seals, river otters, minks, and foxes.Lunch with Heli

The helicopter fly-outs are the high point of many guest’s visit. You think you are enjoying the scenery while out fishing and hiking, but when you get up in the Bell Jet Ranger the surroundings become truly breathtaking. One trip you might get a close-up look at a glacier, the next you might overfly a herd of caribou or a mama brown bear with her cubs.

Hiking, photography, thermal tubbing, flying, beachcombing, riverside bonfires, star-gazing in crystal clear skies, watching feeding eagles in one of the camp’s spotting scopes — there are plenty of fun activities for nature-lovers.

Call today and make your reservations to explore the great Alaskan Wilderness. (828) 526-5298.

Images of an Alaska Wilderness Trip